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Paths to Healing After Divorce

Paths to Healing After Divorce Divorce can be a devastating experience, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes financially. While some may argue that divorce is never an option for Christians, the Bible and Church traditions offer paths for healing and restoration for those who have gone through this painful process. Scriptural Guidance for Healing The Bible is […]

Triggers for Divorce in Christian Marriages

Triggers for Divorce in Christian Marriages Introduction: The Complexity of Marital Breakdown Divorce is a complex and multi-faceted issue that leaves a trail of emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage in its wake. Even within Christian marriages, where the sanctity of the matrimonial union is highly valued, couples find themselves facing challenges that sometimes lead to […]

Barriers to Effective Communication – Excerpt from “Till Divorce Do Us Part”

Barriers to Effective Communication Emotional Barriers One of the most common yet complex barriers to effective communication in marriage is the presence of emotional barriers. Even in Christian marriages, where faith and shared values can provide a strong foundation, emotional barriers can hamper open dialogue and breed discontent. Emotional Barriers Defined In essence, emotional barriers […]

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