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Cultism: A Monster Killing The Nigerian Dream 1(pdf)



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In the heart of Nigeria, a country vibrant with culture and diversity, lies a story that transcends the boundaries of ordinary life, a tale of transformation and redemption. This is not just any story; it is my story, narrated from the depths of experience, from a past that is both haunting and enlightening.

My name is Bayo, and I am a former cultist. This book is a journey through my life, a voyage into the dark alleys of cultism in Nigeria, and a return to the light of hope and change. It is a narrative that delves deep into the world of secret societies, exploring the allure, the reality, and ultimately, the consequences of life within these groups.

Through these pages, you will walk with me through the streets of my youth in Port Harcourt, where the seeds of my involvement in cultism were sown amidst the struggles and challenges of growing up. You will witness the moments of fear, power, and conflict that defined my time within the cult, and the transformative journey that led me out of it.

This book is more than just a recounting of past events; it is a message of caution to the youth of Nigeria and a beacon of hope to those who may find themselves where I once was. It’s a call to action for parents, educators, religious leaders, and government officials, outlining how each segment of society can contribute to combating the influence of cult groups.

But most importantly, this story is a testament to the power of change. It serves as proof that no one is beyond redemption, that every individual has the potential to turn their life around, no matter how deep they might have fallen.
As you turn these pages, I invite you to journey with me, to experience the realities of cultism, and to embrace the possibilities of transformation and redemption. This is not just my story; it’s a narrative that reflects the struggles and hopes of many Nigerian youths. It’s a story of falling and rising, of darkness and light, of despair and hope.

Welcome to a journey of understanding, a path towards change, and a glimpse into the future we can build together. Welcome to my story.


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