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Till Divorce Do Us Part – Why Christians Marriages Fail (pdf)0

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Till Divorce Do Us Part: Why Christian Marriages Fail

The Definitive Guide to Understanding and Transforming Your Christian Marriage


Are you grappling with questions about why Christian marriages, which are supposed to be the epitome of lifelong commitment, are crumbling? Do you wonder if there are scriptural insights or community support that can mend the broken threads of marital life?

“Till Divorce Do Us Part: Why Christian Marriages Fail” dives deep into these crucial questions, offering a lifeline for couples on the brink, and wisdom for those looking to fortify their unions.

What Sets This Book Apart

  • Holistic Approach: Beyond scratching the surface, this book takes a multi-faceted look at marital failure, from financial strain and parenting dilemmas to the often taboo topic of divorce within the Christian community.
  • Scriptural Wisdom: Each chapter is deeply rooted in Biblical principles, offering not just practical advice but also spiritual guidance.
  • Inclusive: Whether youโ€™re a newlywed or have spent decades in matrimony, struggling with significant issues or looking to prevent them, this book addresses concerns applicable to every stage of marriage.

Key Takeaways

  • Master the principles of financial stewardship, essential for marital peace.
  • Understand parenting through a Biblical lens, learning how to balance earthly responsibilities with spiritual commitments.
  • Learn to identify and address emotional disconnect and how to revitalize intimacy.
  • Equip yourself with the scriptural tools for navigating divorce and recovery, should you have to walk that unfortunate path.


Real-Life Impact

Gain access to real-life testimonies and professional insights that aim not just at problem-solving but also at equipping you for a spiritually and emotionally fulfilling marital life.

Who Should Read This Book

  • Engaged couples seeking preemptive wisdom.
  • Married couples at any stage, whether blissfully wed or contemplating separation.
  • Church leaders and marriage counselors looking for a comprehensive resource.

Don’t just seek to survive in your marriage; aim to thrive. Take the first step toward transformation and healing by making “Till Divorce Do Us Part: Why Christian Marriages Fail” your essential companion.

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