A Warm Welcome to All Beloved Brethren

A Warm Welcome to All Beloved Brethren

A Warm Welcome to All Beloved Brethren

Thank you for joining us in this pivotal journey aimed at spiritual renewal and growth. We find ourselves in the end times, and the urgency of our mission cannot be overstated. The Lord’s call for us to listen to His voice resonates through John 10:27-28.

A Collective Spiritual Awakening

While many among us are ordained ministers, let us approach this endeavor with open hearts and minds. This group is divinely mandated for discipleship, leading us through an enlightening course, even if you have participated in similar spiritual classes in the past. I assure you, the content we will explore promises new and divine insights.

The Role of the Holy Spirit

Our guiding force in this discipleship class is none other than the Holy Spirit. Your spiritual growth will manifest in your dreams and revelations and you are encouraged to share your revelations with me for interpretation. Prepare to experience divine encounters as you adhere to our Bible-based instructions.

Personal Journeys, Varied Paces

This path is deeply personal, and it is important to recognize that everyone will advance spiritually at their own pace. Your individual revelations, possibly through dreams and visions, will serve as indicators of your spiritual standing.

Curriculum and Revelations

I will provide you with a sequence of eleven books, each meant to be read in the sequence as directed by the Holy Spirit. As you conclude the first book and opt to proceed in this school of discipleship, you should begin to receive revelations from the Holy Spirit. These revelations are essential for us to discuss and interpret, ensuring a clearer understanding for all.

An Army for the End Times

We are part of the Lord’s endtime army, and I encourage you to set aside titles and join this spiritual sprint with Jesus Christ as the Master. You can download the designated books through this link and commence reading immediately. We are available for any questions you may have.

Team and Exit Option

Osahon Samuel will assist me in this journey, with additional team members introduced as we progress. If at any point you feel this group is not serving your spiritual needs, you are welcome to leave without judgment.

Questions and Participation

Feel free to ask questions and actively engage as we move forward in this journey.

If you are not already apart of the WhatsApp group, use this link.

Please, note that you will be added to the general group called landing page. You will only be taking to the main group when we see that you have started your walk with Jesus.

Osoria Hilary Asibor


Group Limitations:
Due to WhatsApp’s limitations, we can only accommodate 500 members, even though our community has over 50,000 people. So, the membership will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Strict Group Rules:
1. Focused Discussions: This group is strictly for Bible study and related discussions.
*2. No Off-Topic Discussions:* We will not entertain conversations that deviate from the main purpose of the group.
*3. No Solicitations:* This is not a platform to solicit financial or any other kind of help.
*4. Immediate Removal:* Members not adhering to these guidelines will be promptly removed from the group.
If youโ€™re interested and committed to these rules, we would be delighted to have you join us in this spiritual journey. Your active participation will be highly valued as we aim to grow together in Christ


  1. Am great full for this group for am going to learn new things.
    Also I request we keep each one of us in prayers, as James5:16 says share your iniquities one to another, prayer together for a faithful prayer availleth much.

    1. Grateful indeed . this will add more to our knowledge. Thanks

    2. Am appreciative to be here and share with you the word of the lord .

    3. Am really happy brethren for your teachings, n I believe God had a purpose for me to join you. God bless you so much.

  2. That k you, this wl be a blessing to the body of Chris

  3. I appreciate this because it’s will help my mission work

  4. I thank God am life on the bread of life

  5. I thank God am life on the bread of life

  6. I really appreciate this platform, it will help to enhance our spiritual life and vision,for those of us who are looking forward for this opportunity, God bless you sir.great grace.

  7. Mbula Baptist Church would like to partner with you people evengelism Discipleship and Building the Kingdom of God in Tororo, Uganda

  8. Am highly touched by reading through the guidance words from you. God bless you.

  9. I am most grateful to be part of this group to learn and know more about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    1. It a big blessed to being part of this group

  10. Am honored and blessed to be in this group of intercessors

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