There are some of you that doctors may need to tell “I’m sorry, there is nothing more we can do” before you will know that your education is useless.

Stop thinking that because you are educated or live in a developed country, you don’t need God. Or people who pray and live by faith are fools.

People rely on God for what they lack. Stop making it look like it is stupid to ask God for food or health. The people are not to provide hospitals for themselves. Not everyone can create jobs and therefore make money.

God provided food from heaven for the Israelites. That was what they lack at that time. You stay abroad and laugh at people who go to pastors to pray for them. Meanwhile, that is the only hope they have. You think if there are hospitals these people won’t go?

You left Nigeria and you think you you do not need God anymore because you have access to world class hospitals. You forget that different territories have their different demons. Have you not seen that since you left Nigeria, your love for God has waxed cold? Or you do not know that it is a spiritual attack.

Before you say jack, your marriage is broken. You do not have the eyes to see that it is a territorial demon that is at work.

People who pray to God for security know that there is no other way. That you have good security in your abroad, doesn’t make them fools. They have no choice.

Let those who want to rely on God, do so in peace. When the opportunity comes for them to travel out, they will too.

People who cannot afford paracetamol, have no choice but to rely on prayer.

People who cannot afford CS delivery, will see it as a demonic attack. That is what it is to them.

Stop this attitude of looking down on the poor because of the privilege you have.

I have said the above to say this…
Stop thinking that you know better than the poor and distressed people in your home country.

Churches and Pastors are the only hope many Nigerians have today. Hope is what keeps people going in Nigeria and that is why they are not drinking poison daily. People are frustrated by the government and the people are not to blame.

What does a 17year old boy have to do to make Nigeria better for him. His best friend was used for ritual on his way from school. His mother died during childbirth. His father has resorted to drinking because of frustration. Now the boy finds his way to the church and you are laughing at him for fasting and praying for success. That was where he got the desire to move on with life.

When you do not understand what people are going through, shut up!

©️ Osoria Asibor

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