Doorways through which the devil access your life

Door ways through which the devil access your life.


Fruits of the Spirit also known as virtues, there is also fruits of the devil Also known as vices. These are gateways through which the devil gain access into people.

John 14:30 KJV – “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

Find out if you have any of these vices in your life and ask God to help you remove them

Partial List of Vices

1. Pride
2. Arrogance
3. Impatience
4. Resentment
5. Anger
6. Fierceness
7. Wrath
8. Jealousy
9. Envy
17.Self-assertion (love being heard/seen)
18.Domineering spirit
19.Control spirit
20.Lack of submission to husband/ authority
21.Challenging authority / husband
22.Disrespect to authority (ungovernable)
23.Self- defense
24.Self-justification (excusing oneโ€™s failure/errors/faults)
25.Lack of repentance / unrepentant heart
26.Fear of being corrected, rebuked (not accepting because of pride)
29.High thought of oneself
30.Unthankfulness / not grateful to God
31.Witchcraft (using all forms of manipulation to control People)
32.False witnessing
35.Seeing nothing good in others
36.Spirit of criticism
37.Spirit of accusations
38.Backbiting (talking ill of people at their back)
39.Smiling to people while wickedness is in the heart)
40.Wishing evil to others
42.Malice/bearing grudges
43.Remembering details of evil done to one
44.Rejoicing at anotherโ€™s troubles
45.Exposing othersโ€™ fault (while concealing yours)
46.Judgmental (easily arriving at negative conclusion about others)
48.Suspicious/ Lack of trust
49.Holier than thou attitude
50.Despising others
51.Sexual sins of any sort
52.Impure thoughts (immoral/dirty thoughts)
55.Fornication and adultery
59.Sexual sins in the heart
60.Tantalizing dressing and behaviour
61.Exposing oneโ€™s dressing in a manner to seduce
62.Indecent exposure of the body
63.Any form of harlotry
64.Arranging/inducing/encouraging others to commits sins
65.Suspecting spouse, others
66.Using any means/method to seduce, lure, entice, attract people
67.Misuse of the tongue
68.Abusive words
69.Harsh words when unnecessary
70.Sharp tongue
71.Intimidating words (to suppress and control others)
72.Shouting, screaming, talking loudly โ€“ so as to frighten, intimidate and control
the victim.
73.Corrupt (dirty) words
74.Cracking jokes
76.Flattering words (to deceive, gain favour, etc)
77.Speaking vain (empty) words
78.Boastful words
79.Evil speaking, cursing
80.Threatening words
81.Speaking lies (in all its forms)
82.Carrying rumours, hearsays
83.Gossiping, telling negative stories of others
85.Chatting away time
86.Carried away when talking
87.Keeping back vital information (when it should have been given)
88.Saying things in the mind, when they should have been spoken out.
89.Sowing seed of discord (causing trouble between people)
90.Loving to argue.
91.Religious vices
92.Atheism (denying Godโ€™s existence)
93.Lack of faith in God
94.Sacrifices (rather than obedience)
95.Doing religious works without seeking Godโ€™s will
96.Trusting in good works rather than in Godโ€™s mercy and grace (i.e. selfrighteousness)
97.Too much religious activities and not having time to be alone with God
98.External righteousness/religion of physical appearance (making all effort to
look physically alright, in conformity with church doctrine, while the heart
remains dirty and untouched)
99.Giving excuses for not obeying Godโ€™s will
100. Doing things without first seeking Godโ€™s approval
101. Doing things without inquiring from God
102. Asking God to bless you when you donโ€™t care to know Godโ€™s mind
concerning the issue
103. Workers of iniquity (doing Godโ€™s work when God is not happy with you or
when God did not assign the work to you)
104. Exalting demons โ€“ (by focusing on them, rather than focusing on the great
105. Fear of the devil โ€“ (rather than fear of God)
106. Seeking men of God (instead of seeking God)
107. Exalting Godโ€™s ministers โ€“ above God! By praising them and admiring them
and running after them rather doing all these to God Himself
108. Desiring men of God more than God!
109. Fearing men of God above fearing God!
110. Seeking menโ€™s approval rather than Godโ€™s
111. Men โ€“ pleasing (rather than pleasing God)
112. Spending more time with men of God rather than with God
113. Presumption (thinking that God is with you when He is not)
114. Seeking miracles and blessings without seeking to know Christ Himself
115. Moving with the crowd and not separating to Godโ€™s presence
116. Afraid to be alone with God
117. No desire to be alone with God
118. No desire to hear the voice of God for yourself. Always seeking others to
hear for you
119. Always asking for more without thanking God for the ones He had done
120. Always saying โ€œthis man of God saidโ€ instead of โ€œthe Lord saidโ€
121. Following traditions (doctrines) of men rather than following Godโ€™s
122. No personal fellowship with God
123. Having hope in man instead of in God
124. Not obeying the will of God โ€“ for the fear of offending certain people
125. Lack of submission to God/to Godโ€˜s will and control
126. Love of relations above the love of God
127. Fear of relation above fear of God
128. Obedience to relation above obedience to God
129. Giving first place to relations rather than to God
130. Denying Christ for fear of persecution
131. Hypocrisy
132. Unbelief (not believing God)
133. Doubt (not trusting God)
134. Pretense/covering up
135. Inward restlessness
136. Lack of genuine peace, joy
137. Fear of losing respect
138. Fear of public opinion
139. Fear of family opinion
140. Over-activity (to cover up inward emptiness and restlessness
141. Spiritual pride and arrogance
142. Counterfeit gifts and manifestations
143. False Christian
144. False repentance
145. Lack of fear of God
146. Blasphemy
147. Bitterness against God (for not answering oneโ€™s prayers etc)
148. Seeking positions and titles
149. Jealous โ€“ when God is using others more than you
150. Always wanting to give message/prophesy etc.
151. Secret desire to be seen and heard always
152. Going to fellowship with hidden (selfish) motives
153. Modern Pharisee (insisting on routines and doctrine rather than following
move of the Holy Spirit.
154. Worldliness
155. Greed
156. Selfishness
157. Covetousness
158. Vanity/ vain glory (love for material success and praise of men)
159. Overdressing (to get attention)
160. Love of fashion in vogue/worldly trends
161. Following worldly ways/pursuits and standards
162. Fear of poverty
163. Love of money
164. All carnal nature
165. All carnal behaviour/lifestyle
166. All unrighteousness
167. Gluttony (love of food)
168. Love of pleasure/pleasure-seeking
169. Love of ease
170. Laziness/Lousiness
171. Procrastination (putting off todayโ€™s responsibility for tomorrow. Putting off
things that should be done now for next time.
172. Dullness of Spirit
173. Timidity
174. Lack of courage /boldness
175. Dirtiness (not keeping clean)
176. Lateness to things
177. Unseriousness
178. Always laughing and smiling away the time
179. Feeling inferior
180. Feeling superior
181. Feeling indispensable
182. Feeling too important
183. Self-love
184. Self-praise
185. Self-advertisement
186. Self-exhibition/display (causing all eyes to be on you)
187. Feeling too proud to receive help
188. Self-glorification/adoration
189. Self-confidence (instead of confidence in God)
190. Self-centeredness
191. Self-deception
192. Stealing
193. Crookedness (not straightforward in doing things)
194. Lack of accountability
195. Loving to cheat (no matter how little)
196. Using for oneself what is meant for all/for others
197. Over โ€“ ambition
198. Anxiety
199. Fear of the future
200. Giving gifts โ€“ with wrong motives
201. Praising people โ€“ with wrong motives
202. Competition โ€“ trying to outdo the other

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