Ebezina (Donโ€™t Cry) Lyrics by Preye

(Non-English parts sung in Igbo)

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Itโ€™s the same God, who was there for you in the midnight hour
Itโ€™s the same God Who is able to wipe your tears away
Itโ€™s the same God Who was there in times of lack and want
Itโ€™s the same God Is Jehovah My great provider

Tell me why youโ€™re giving up on God
Tell me why youโ€™re giving up on Him
Tell me why youโ€™re giving up on God
Hold on, change is on the way

E bezina, Chukwu no nsoย (Stop Crying, God is near)
O gini bu nsogbu gi?ย (What is your problem?)
I ma na o dighi adigide?ย (You know it does not last?)
Nwanne m o, Jidesie ya ikeย (Beloved, hold Him tight)
Hicha anya gi ehย (Wipe your tears)
Chukwu adighi atu asi(God does not lie)
O ga-adiri gi mmaย (It shall be well with you)

Donโ€™t you cry, change is here
Weeping may endure for a night
Joy is gonna come in the morning
You donโ€™t have to cry no more
Hold God by His word, heโ€™s gonna do what his says
Lift your hands and give him praise


I know youโ€™ve been crying โ€“ I understand
I know youโ€™ve been wounded โ€“ But itโ€™s OK
I know youโ€™ve been broken But Iโ€™m here,
To mend your broken heart
Believe in me, you will overcome
Your yesterday will be a story
Iโ€™m the God of all flesh
Nothing is too hard for me to do
Donโ€™t you forget (I calmed the sea)
Donโ€™t you forget (I raised the dead)
Donโ€™t you forget (I came to die that you might live forever)
Donโ€™t you cry is gonna be over, You will overcome today
Wipe your tears and give him all the praise


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