From the little I know

From the little I know


From the little I know about Nigeria, this countryย cannot produce good leaders for the next 50-100 years. This is how long it will take to clean Nigeria from wickedness if we start now. But there is no sign to suggest that we will start the cleaning soon.


Nigerians are mostly evil and ungodly. So it is below logic to expect a godly leader to come out from an ungodly people.



In state affairs, the majority carries the vote. The scripture that says “one with God, is the majority” does not apply to state affairs. It applies to the lives of individuals or group of individuals who live in the light, when they have a personal fight with darkness,ย no matter the number of those in againstย them,ย One with God is the majority. But when it comes to governance, the god of this world’s system takes charge fully.


Just in case you are wondering, the devil is the god of Nigeria just as he is the god of this world. This refers to the system that controls the physical and spiritual activities of the world.


There are people who do not bow to the world systems because they chose to subscribe to a higher power of the Almighty God. They are the believers. This set of people are the Ambassadors. But they are still expected to survive through the world systems, using a different compass or code of conduct.



As the elections draw closer, people are beginning to wish for better leaders to emerge. But it is impossible for now. You cannot get something out of nothing. The system will choose its leaders. And the system is dark. The next set of leaders will be worse than the last. It is what it is. We will still sell our votes because we cannot see beyond the length of our outstretched arms. We will sell our next 4years for N4k.That is the only thing our heart can process. You have to think beyond self to be able to delay gratification and vote for a good leader. We do not have such thinking capacity. We are not sure of tomorrow as life expectancy keeps dropping in Nigeria. Working to bring about a good future that you may not be part of, is not in our DNA.



Let nobody deceive you that there is an anointed candidate endorsed by God. God will not endorse a leader over an ungodly people who do not give a hoot about his ways. We are too ungodly to expect a godly leader. That thinking makes us look stupid. Look around you, can you see any form of godliness? Have you not noticed that we are hardly moved by the death of a fellow Nigerian? Have you not noticed that we all are looking for personal opportunities to enrich ourselves at the expense of the other person? There was a terrorist attack on a train that was traveling from Abuja to Kaduna on March 29, 2022. 24 hours after the attack, the government could not tell us how many people were killed, how many were injured and how many were kidnapped. But the Minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi has come out to say that the repair of the rail track will cost 3 Billion Naira. It did not take him any difficulty to investigate material damage and come up with the cost of repair. This tells you where priority lies.

Whoever is more committed to the kingdom of darkness will likely emerge as the next president. Even if the system decides to pick a seemingly godly person, it is because the person is ungodly but could pass for a godly person. Deceit is a weapon in this system. It could serve many causes.


God did not promise you a good president. Good people will naturally produce their kind. They can gradually change their system if they are determined. But it will not take less than a 100 years to change the Nigerian system. The foundation is bad from the beginning. Most great nations of the world have a godly foundation and that is why the god of this world is only able to work round the system but not change it totally.


In the UK, US or Canada, people are influenced to live in a certain way. It could be very contrary to God’s ways but it will take at least a 100years with concerted effort to change the godly system where the citizens come first. A system where human rights are beyond paper work. Where leaders are servants. Where public good comes before private good. And the death of one unknown orphan can shake a country.



You cannot wish calamity away from Nigeria. It is part of the system now. Blood must be shared to oil the wheels of a dark system. Banditry and terrorism is a part of the system. Ritual killings and political assassinations are part of the system. This is the time for marathon sacrifices, now that the elections are here. People will do anything to appeal to the god of this world for favors and endorsement.


If you do not have a seal on your head, you are on the waiting list for sacrifice.



A system that seeks to balance two religions as the basis for unity in governance, has failed on arrival. If you have to put religion as a yardstick for unity in governance, you will never do well. The mixture of Christianity and Islam will only produce satanic concoction.


Governance must have everything or nothing to do with religious beliefs. A Christian state must use the Bible as its standard and a Muslim state must use a Quran as its standard. The mixture of both will produce death. This is why a country like Nigeria must avoid religion in governance. It should never be mentioned in state affairs because it will only be used to deceive the people. Anybody that says you should vote for him because he or she is a Christian or a Muslim, should be ignored totally. Such people are part of the problem of Nigeria.



To save Nigeria from the wicked one, we must save each Nigerian, individually. There has to be a paradigm shift in orientationย and worldview.


Until you can put the other person first before yourself, you are not ready for a new Nigeria. Until you are able to think deeply and cry over the death of a child you do not know personally, you cannot see a new Nigeria.


I personally recommend that you genuinely give your life to Jesus. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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