How I Saw A Demon In Front Of Bishop David Oyedepo-1

How I Saw A Demon In Front Of Bishop David Oyedepo-1

How I Saw A Demon In Front Of Bishop David Oyedepo


This is a true life story that might astonish many, and it unfolds lessons that are deeply rooted in biblical wisdom.

The Unlikely Meeting: A Close Friend’s Visit to Lagos

More than a decade ago, a close friend came to visit me in Lagos. We both attended the same university, and he was part of a cult during those years. Despite his affiliations, he was one of the most kind-hearted people I had ever known. It’s important to note that many people join cults without understanding the full ramifications of their decision, unknowingly trapping themselves in a web of darkness.

The Setting: A Night at Shiloh

The timing of his visit happened to coincide with Shiloh, an annual event organized by Living Faith Church, which boasts the world’s largest auditorium and is led by the renowned Bishop David Oyedepo. Seeing this as an opportunity for spiritual renewal, I invited my friend to attend the youth evening program, which was to be conducted by the bishop himself.

The Altar Call: A Crucial Decision

During the service, Bishop Oyedepo sternly preached against the ills of cultism. At the end of his sermon, he made an altar call, inviting any cultist who wanted to turn over a new leaf to come forward. Respecting my friend’s personal choice, I turned my gaze away. Moments later, he surprised me by walking up to the altar to renounce his involvement in cultism.

A Terrifying Encounter: The Menacing Presence

On his return, my friend described an eerie experience. As he approached the altar, he noticed a menacing figure among those who had also come out for the altar call. The figure stared at him with intense anger, as if daring him to proceed. My friend felt a surge of fear but then thought, “Can this man harm me in front of Bishop Oyedepo?” Deciding the answer was “no,” he mustered up the courage to proceed with his decision to turn away from his dark past.

Lessons Learned and Biblical References

  1. The Devil’s Persistence (1 John 1:9): The devil doesn’t easily let go of those who hold something that belongs to him. Until you willingly return what you owe himโ€”by breaking free from sinโ€”escape is futile.
  2. The Need for Spiritual Discernment (John 16:13): The number of people who respond to an altar call isn’t an accurate measure of genuine conversions. Only the Holy Spirit can give this revelation.
  3. The Arduous Path to Repentance (Joshua 1:9): Turning away from years or even decades of sin requires an extreme level of courage and determination.
  4. Titles Don’t Intimidate the Devil (Ephesians 6:11-12): The devil has no regard for your spiritual or social status. He’s only concerned about reclaiming what he considers his property. Therefore, prayers to disorient him should precede and accompany altar calls.
  5. The Power of Community (Hebrews 13:17): The presence of godly leadership can make a significant impact, creating a conducive environment for genuine repentance and spiritual growth.
  6. The Transformative Power of Faith (Matthew 17:20): One moment of bravery, based on faith, can be life-altering.

Additional Lesson: The Role of Family Support

Support from friends and family can be a powerful catalyst for transformation. In this context, the Apostle Paul’s teachings about the supportiveness of the Christian community come to mind (Galatians 6:1-2).


This experience served as a profound lesson to me and all involved. The struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, is ever so real. But the courage to choose the light, even in the face of palpable darkness, marks the beginning of a transformation that can only be attributed to divine intervention. Armed with these biblical lessons, one is better prepared to navigate life’s complexities.

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Osoria Asibor


  1. Light and darkness does’nt combine

  2. I thank God for bringing me to this group am learning more about Christian faith

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