Is God calling you?

Is God calling you?

If God wants to use you for an assignment, he will first break you. He only uses broken people.

Try not to get healed when God breaks you. He will break you again.

God can break you by allowing you look for a child for 5years. That process will break and humble you. When you eventually have a child and you get proud, you may wait for another 10years to get a second one, you may never get again or you may even lost the one you had.

Some may go through financial difficulties for a long time. While some may fall ill. It depends on the area of assignment he is preparing you for.

This method of training is not for everyone but for his soldiers.

The earlier you identify God’s hand in your issue, the faster you may come out of it. This is why a personal relationship with God is sacrosanct. Else, you may mistake the hand of God for that of the devil and vice versa.

Let me give you an instance that you can easily relate with. Banky W. This guy was a well know celebrity as a single guy. He is from a Christian background and promises and covenants may have taken place from the family alter. But he chose his path. God waited until he got married and allowed him to be childless. That situation brought him to God and today, he is a sound preacher of the gospel.

Some people will go through same issues and not trace their steps to God. Instead they will look for other ways. Many prodigal sons never went back to their father.

Whenever you are going through life’s issues, it is a signal that you should look for God. He has the solution to every problem.

Osoria Asibor
@January 2022

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