Mom my best friend at Harvard doesn’t pray

Son: Mom my best friend at Harvard doesn’t pray, why are you always telling me to pray?

Mom: Son, do you know about Mike’s grandfather and grandmother?

Son: Mike’s grandfather died at the age of 93 as a pastor in their local church. The grandmother is 91 and she is the head of marriage counselling in the Area Headquarters of their church.

Mom: what about Mike’s parents?

Son: Mike’s father is a professor at Havard and also a clergy. The mom is a medical director at Clifford Children Hospital. She is also a Prophetess in their local church.

Mom: Good. Your grandfather died at the age of 48 after having a quarrel with a man from a rival cult. He was the secretary of a village cult called ashigidi. Your grandmother is still alive but has no child alive. She is the women leader of the great oshosho fefe of river awoyaya. Your father died at the age of 48, your elder sister died a week to her wedding at age 38. All your uncles and aunties died below 50years. All these deaths happened when your grandmother is ill. She has been ill for some weeks now and…

Son cuts in…: Mom, please help me find out if there is any mountain of fire in Havard.

Mom: My son, I said pray. I didn’t say look for a church and hide. Have a conversational relationship with God. With that, you are covered.
They are looking for you.

Osoria Asibor

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