2023 general elections: advice to Christians

2023 general elections: advice to Christians


I used to wonder whenever I heard Pastor E.A Adeboye call for prayers for Nigeria. To me, this pastor has the voice to call any politician to order. So I always expect him to talk tough. But he ends up telling us to pray for Nigeria.

Now, I know why he always called for prayer for Nigeria.

Only God can deliver a nation.

I had a serious revelation. In that revelation, I saw a huge crowd of young healthy-looking people coming out from a river. They were all rooting for a popular politician who is presently vying for presidency in the 2023 general election.

After meditating on the revelation, I got the below understanding.

That particular politician has the full backing of Satan, the ruler of this world. And that was why those demons were sent to support him. These demons are going to influence a lot of young people in Nigeria.

Then I wondered what kind of commitment this particular politician made, to get the full backing of Satan in such magnitude.

My advice to all Christians.

Christians in Nigeria, should be careful not to engage in a venture that God did not approve.

Do not join any politician to fight another. God will never send you to do that.

Do not engage in violent protest or any protest that will negatively affect citizens.

If you want to involve in politics, do so and vote for your choice candidates.

If there is anything I am sure of, it is the fact that God does not endorse politicians. So, do not allow anybody to deceive you that God approved a particular person for 2023.

The world system of leadership is the opposite of God’s system.

The risk about being endorsed by Satan, is that many people will be willing to commit atrocity for this politician even without his consent. That is why we must watch and pray.

You will recall that in 2020, I advised against the street protest, especially the Lekki toll gate protest.

Let me give you a scenario of what played out. When you are a very influential person who hasย  connections with the COAS or IGP, all you need to do in times of distress, is to tell them to help you.

All the COAS or IG needed to do was to tell their men to put an end to the protestย  by any means possible. With a promise that they are covered.

These soldiers went to the Lekki toll gate to putย  an end to the protest by “any means possible” and killed protesters without remorse.

Believe it or not, those people died in vain. God did not send them to protest,ย neitherย was it a goodย choice. Sounds silly, I know.

I used the above to explain what will happen as we approach the 2023 elections. The devil has informed his demons that they have a candidate. Consequently, a lot of people will be spiritually influencedย to root for this politician without them knowing why. Of course, money will be spent.

Those who are assassins, will kill people for this man without his express request or permission. Many activists whose voices are perceived to be threats, will be killed if they are not careful. Remember this politician will not be traced to any of these killings because he will not orchestrate them.

All he did was to sign a pact with the ruler of this world, who has every sinner at his beck and call.

If you are a pastor and you are fond of insulting politicians, make sure it was God that sent you. Don’t die for nothing.

God is not interested in politics. He is interested in our lives and our well-being. If we surrender to him as a people, he will give us the wisdom and wherewithal to select godly leaders.

Godly people chose godly leaders while ungodly people chose ungodly leaders.

At the time of writing this article, Nigerians were mostly ungodly. We are overly materialistic and our love for God had waxed cold.

God did not give me any sign to suggest that he will stop this politician from becoming the next president. But God works in mysterious ways.

Until Nigerians decide to be godly, in the barest minimum, being selfless and putting the country first, the men of the underworld will continue to oppress everyone.

Let every youth go to study in Harvard, they cannot deliver Nigeria from these evil men.

When the oppressors are more committed than the oppressed, the oppressed will remain oppressed.

There is no country in the world that is not being ruled by the devil. But Christians are not under the devil’s government.

The home of every true Christian is an embassy of Jesus. And every true Christian is an Ambassador of Jesus Christ. This is why the rulers of this world cannot rule over us.

Servants of God who want a better Nigeria, should raise a godly congregation.

Until we become godly as a people, godly political leaders are not in sight. Not even one.

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Osoria Asibor


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