Are you ignorant of the devil’s devices?


Are you ignorant of the devil’s devices?

2 Corinthians 2:11 NLT “so that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes.”

As Christians, we are like people who already have fuel poured on them by default. We should not play with match stick.

When you know that someone is trying to push you off the rock, you do not stand by the cliff.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as Christians is that we underrate the devil too much. We do not know him enough to understand his schemes.

The closer we are to God, the more we will know the devil.

Even Satan’s worshippers do not know him the way a real Christian know him. This is because, it takes the Holy Spirit to know the devil.

When we know the devil better, we will understand that every day is a warfare.

When the Bible say in Luke 18:1 “men ought always to pray”, it is because of the importance of prayer in the survival of a Christian.

I think its time to pay attention to the danger in underrating Satan.

The devil is very tactical, extemely patient, never forgives, expert forecaster, a very intelligent accuser.

It is important to understand that the devil is wiser that the wisest man on earth.This is why we must rely on his creator to help us defeat him daily.

When it comes to winning the devil, everyday is a new war. You fight him today like you did not fight yesterday. That you overcame yesterday does not mean you won’t fight today.

New weapons are fashioned against us daily and so, we have to be fortified daily.

Even demon-possessed people, witches and wizards sent to you will hardly give up, yet you expect Satan to give up?

Till God comes, devil will continue to fight you.

I have come to realize that a lot of Christians are not afraid to backslide. They believe that God will always forgive them. For the purpose of moving forward with this write-up, let us assume that God will always forgive us. The danger is that we may not recover from the damage the devil will do to us when we backslide.

There are some damages the devil will do to you that may truncate your destiny. You may still make heaven but you will not fulfill your destiny on earth.

Stephen in the Bible was appointed to be part of the seven-man committee that was assigned to coordinate food distribution amongst Christians. But he was very gifted in preaching of the gospel. So, one day, he left his place of primary assignment and went about preaching. He never returned. Though he made heaven, he never completed his assignment.

If that can happen to a righteous person just because he moved away from his primary assignment, imagine a son who decides to be prodigal with God’s grace.

How do you walk into the enemy’s camp and expect to walk out casually without deadly scars?

Going deeper into the conversation, there are some sins that are capable of destroying a believer. When the Bible say “flee fornication”, it calls it a sin against the body. This sin opens you up for spiritual invasion.

There are some people you will have sex with and the spirit of fornication will possess you. No matter your tittle. You may feel bad after the act and repent. But you will find yourself going deeper into fornication helplessly. That is a scheme of the enemy that many Christians are not aware of.

As a result of that encounter, you will secretly continue in the sin, fighting the demons in you secretly and failing every single time. They will eventually destroy you if you do not cry for help. That same demon will encourage you to fight secretly and you will think it is a wise decision until the demons drag you to that mud close to market square.

It takes a daily walk with God to win daily. No matter who you think you are, a sheep cannot afford a minute outside the presence of the shepherd. Too many wolfs waiting at the edge. But we fall victim because we are not even aware of the wolfs.

A child who does not submit his daily activities to his father for scrutiny, will eventually stop observing his daily activities according to his father’s guidelines. Since there is no accountability.

A true Christian is appraised daily by God. Majority of Christians do not know of this. They have no relationship with God.

The reason why you see some Christians living very consciously is because they know what happens at night when God visits. You do not want to be reprimanded at night, so you live the day with night in mind. This is not the way of a backslider or lukewarm. It is the way of a true disciple.

If God does not speak to you about how you lived during the day, you should ask him for a relationship. You do not have it yet.

A sheep may sometimes fall into the mud, but it quickly comes out and goes to the shepherd, crying for cleansing. But a pig will deliberately enter the mud and mess up with pride.

A Christian is like a sheep. When we fall, we must quickly run to the shepherd for cleansing. Else, we gradually become pigs.

There is grace and mercy in God’s presence. No matter how far you have gone astray, God is waiting with open arms.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Not sin, not even death.

I love you and God loves you more


Osoria Asibor

©️January 2022


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  1. Am so encouraged i love this. Am a disciple of the lord. Thank you so much may God continue to impact you with His Grace

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